Type K/SK/SSK Tank Cleaning Machines

Type K/SK/SSK Tank Cleaning Machines


Quick Overview

The Butterworth Type K automated tank cleaning machine provides 360° impact indexed coverage for cleaning tank interiors. The Butterworth Type K is the world’s most successful design in terms of durability and reliance with thousands of machines in service worldwide.

In Application
The K machine’s primary construction material is bronze alloys and employs an integrated turbine drive. The Type K Machine has the ability to clean tanks up to a capacity of 10,000,000 gallons (38,000 m3) or higher when multiple machines are used.

The Butterworth Type K machine uses stream impingement technology to create a pattern matrix similar to a ball of twine (see cleaning pattern simulation below). A complete pattern is established when 63 axial revolutions of the body have been completed. During the process of this pattern development, 2 cycles are established with each cycle increasing the density of the pattern matrix.

User Benefits

High durability; workhorse of the industry
Elimination of confined space entry
High jet-stream impact
Reduced cleaning times
Reduced effluent generation
Reduced energy costs