Portable Breath Testing System

Portable Breath Testing System


Quick Overview

Most Widely Used DOT Instrument
More RBT IV systems are in use than any other instrument because the excellent design of this system meets so many customer needs. Lightweight and portable for on-site testing; small footprint for in-office testing; quick and straight-forward test protocol with no unnecessary data input; exceptional accuracy and durability. All these features add up to exceptional value.

Totally Portable Testing
The RBT IV system connects the hand-held Alco-Sensor IV to the battery-powered RBT IV printer to produce a totally portable DOT-compliant alcohol testing system. The water-proof Pelican case holds the Alco-Sensor IV and RBT IV printer and protects the instrument from even the most rough and tumble treatment.

User-friendly Design
The well-thought out design of the RBT IV includes function keys that start the most commonly used procedures by pressing a single button: Screening test, Confirmation test, Calibration adjustment, and Accuracy Check. The RBT IV devotes an additional key to reprint the last test. The user-friendly design means more efficient testing and fewer operator errors.

Display Messages Prompt Operator Through DOT Protocol
The two-line display on the RBT IV printer prompts the operator through each test procedure. A Screening test of .020 or greater triggers a 15-minute countdown on the display of the printer. The RBT IV then starts a Confirmation test, and prompts the operator to perform an Accuracy Check after Confirmation test results of .020 or greater.